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About this website

There is no single, universal term for radio produced by and for Indigenous communities. 'Indigenous', 'American Indian', 'Native American' and 'tribal' are all in use to describe this form of radio in US contexts, depending on who you ask. Resources on this site reference each of the different terms to reflect their diversity in everyday use.

Indigenous radio stations are defined here as tribally owned, managed and/or staffed by tribal members, producing programming by and for their local communities. Indigenous programming enables community self-determination through locally produced, culturally specific shows featuring community updates, diverse Native American and other music genres, Indigenous first languages and seasonally-specific content.


Everything published on this site is open access so please feel free to download and share. This research was facilitated by my EU/Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Research Fellowship between 2019 - 2021. I'm Katie Moylan, an associate professor in media with a long-standing research interest in community radio's value for enabling community self-representation, particularly for otherwise marginalised groups. More about my research can be found here.

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